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Welcome to the St. George’s ILD Support Group which is open to patients, relatives and friends. You are all welcome to join us for a regular, friendly and supportive chat over a ‘virtual’ coffee or tea.

In addition to undertaking various Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) techniques and exercises, we will have Q&A with invited Guest speakers who will discuss a number of relevant topics concerning living better with ILD.

Formed in September 2016 our group has been meeting regularly since then and we are now in our 7th year which we hope will be another supportive and active season for 2022-2023 – details of our next meeting are below.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact form on this website.

We look forward to meet you at our next meeting.

Thank You!

We would like to express our gratitude to all of the wonderful NHS staff (clinical, auxiliary, support and volunteers) from all departments and throughout who are working so hard to treat and support patients and their families at this difficult time.


COVID-19: guidance on protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable

Date: 24 December 2021



Updated: 21 February 2022


Next Meeting

The next ‘Virtual’ ILD Support Group meeting will be held on Monday 20 February 2023 at 4pm

If you wish to join the virtual meeting, you can contact us by
using the contact form,and we will send you the link and joining instructions.

Source: scienceforsport.com

Pulmonary Rehabilitation with Faye Tobby

A combination of seated and standing exercises for a more challenging  session.


Seated only exercises for a light to moderate session.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercises – 47 minutes duration

Another combination of seated and standing exercises for an intermediate level of exercise.

[Please note with all of the above exercises have your oximeter on, drink plenty of water throughout and rest between the various routines. Always pace yourself and exercise safely]


Upcoming topics

  • Exercise and ILD
  • Ambulatory oxygen and long term oxygen therapy (LTOT)
  • Understanding x-ray and HRCT scans
  • Better understanding of the various long term conditions of all ILD’s
  • The role singing plays in better lung health
  • Diet and ILD
  • Memory and techniques
  • Taskforce for Lung health – update
  • Techniques for managing your cough
  • Support for the newly diagnosed and emergency pack for exacerbation prevention
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR)
  • Symptom Management for ILD Patients
  • Connective tissue and Lupus disorders
  • Pacing for improved energy levels

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