Living with ILD

How can I help myself?

There are various ways you can help yourself and control when living with ILD, such as healthy eating, exercise and keeping informed and updated on the various medical developments currently taking place.

We will endeavour to do our best to publish any new development on the ‘Useful links‘ section of the website.

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Coping with breathlessness

Breathlessness can be a very frightening and distressing symptom of a number of ILDs such as IPF, PF, Sarcoidosis, Allergic alveolitis, and similar. It is important that you learn how to minimise, cope and manage this symptom.

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Most people with ILD experience breathlessness. This is usually first noticed during exercise and may be relieved by using oxygen.

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It’s important to carry on doing the things you like, to have a holiday or visit friends or family and leave the home. It is possible that with organisation and planning you can do this.

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(Page source: Action PF Charity)

Last edited: 13 July 2016