ILD Support Group meeting

19 June 2017

The eight meeting of the ILD Support Group took place at St Georges Hospital on Monday 19th June 2017. This was the last meeting before the summer break (July & August) with the meetings starting again in September.

Anne-Marie Russell
Anne-Marie Russell

The topic for June was “Monitoring your Lung Function at home” and was presented by Anne-Marie Russell (NIHR Clinical Research Fellow).

However Anne-Marie, covered so much more in this session, which generated much discussion so it was no surprise that the session ran over the allotted time by some way!


Anne-Marie Russell presentation
Anne-Marie Russell discussing current ILD research with the group.

In addition to reporting on recent development into home spirometry used in combination with smartphone applications, Anne-Marie provided a brief summary of the current research being carried out into ILD both nationally and internationally. This also included further early stage trials being conducted. It is an exciting time in the development of new treatments and new therapies by researchers and by pharmaceuticals and there is good reason to be optimistic. For further details on these and other trials and new developments you can explore the Useful links area of this website.


Key areas covered in the presentation included:

  • The Care Information Exchange – Telemedicine initiative
  • ILD clinical year in review
    • Development and Progression of Interstitial Lung Abnormalities in the Framingham Heart Study
    • Multicentre evaluation of multidisciplinary team meeting agreement on diagnosis in diffuse parenchymal lung disease: a case-cohort study
    • Antacid therapy and disease outcomes in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a pooled analysis
    • Acute Exacerbation of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. An International Working Group Report
  • The use of home spirometry in combination with smartphone applications.


You can view the slides from the presentation below. Use the ‘space bar‘ to pause/play the presentation.


Shortbread biscuits
Yummy shortbread!

A special thanks to Sophia on behalf of the group for the lovely home made shortbread biscuits, they were fantastic and very more-ish, thanks and hope to see you all after the summer break!

Keep up to date with all new developments by visiting the website regularly as it will be updated over the summer months and in readiness for our return in September!

ILD Support Group Meeting

22 May 2017

The seventh meeting of the ILD Support Group took place at St Georges Hospital on Monday 22nd May 2017  between 16:30 – 18:00.

Dr. Dimitra Nikoletou, Associated Professor at St Georges University of London
Dr. Dimitra Nikoletou

The topic discussed this week was “Understanding your Lung Function Test” and was presented by Dr. Dimitra Nikoletou, Associated Professor at St Georges University of London.

As respiratory patients we are very familiar with the regular round of lung function tests (LFT), however getting to grips with the various numbers and abbreviations which comprise the results can be a challenge and very confusing for patients.

The aims of this session was to help shed light on the meaning behind the numbers and abbreviations. Dr. Dimitra Nikoletou presented a practical session using a ‘real’ patients LFT results to explain their meaning in greater depth.

The session explained the meaning of the following terms and abbreviations as they appear on a standard LFT results form:

  • Force Vital Capacity – FVC
  • Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second – FEV1
  • The ratio of FEV1%/FVC% and its significance
  • Diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide – DLCO
  • Vital capacity – VC
  • Residual volume – RV
  • Total lung capacity – TLC (VC +RV)

In addition to the above Dimitra also explained the fundamental difference between ‘restrictive’ and ‘obstructive’ lung conditions and how the above reading will vary depending on which lung condition is presented.