ILD Support Group Meeting

29 April 2019

Theresa Nash
Theresa Nash – Director of Heritage2health

It was great to meet up with the group as spring seems to be getting its act together at last! It also seemed a most appropriate time to think of all things out doors and to this end we were joined by Theresa Nash, Director of Heritage2health. Theresa introduced the group to the purpose of Heritage2Health (H2h) and explained that it was a system developed by nurses through Kingston University and St George’s University of London, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, set up to encourage collaborations between the healthcare and heritage sectors, with the aim of facilitating experiences for patient groups and those who may feel socially isolated.

Ham House Event – 28 June 2019

Theresa then invited group members to participate in the main summer event at Ham House on Friday 28 June. This is a free event and was very well received. The committee has since agreed to fund the hire of a minibus for those in the group interested in taking part. Entertainment, refreshments and personal assistance will also be available at no cost, so really there is no reason not to be there on the 28th! We’re hopeful that the weather will stay dry and sunny – fingers crossed!


Anne Whitting with members of the ILD Support Group
Anne and ILD Support Group Members

A BIG Thank You!

The support group were very grateful to Anne Whiting, Secretary to the Trustees of The Friends of St Georges, for the very generous donation of £1500 to the group. This will be a huge help with the groups running costs in holding the monthly meetings and providing the other various activities we arrange for members and ensuring the continued support to our existing and new members, their families, friends and carers.
Thank you!


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