ILD Support Group meeting

21 November 2016

The second meeting of the ILD Support Group took place at St Georges Hospital on Monday 21st November between 16:30 – 18:00.

The group welcomed two guest speakers Luke Morton-Holtham,physiologist and researcher at Kingston University, and Helene Bellas Henry, Specialist Physiotherapist at UCLH. Helene also runs a pulmonary rehabilitation courses for auto-immune Interstitial Lung Diseases.


Luke discusses his current research with the group

Luke discussed his current research into ILD patients and specifically those diagnosed with primary sarcoidosis.

For further information on Sarcoidosis please visit the British Lung Foundation’s website




Helene demonstrates the Buteyko technique

Helene then took the group through a practical session using the Buteyko breathing technique which comprised a series of breathing exercises and can be used for a wide range of respiratory conditions.

This was all very new for the group participants and took some getting used to. Select the following link for a detailed explanation of the Buteyko breathing technique.

The sessions were followed by Q&A’s and some lively discussion and some well deserved refreshments!