ILD Support Group Meeting

20 November 2017

Lydia Cotton RE-MIND
Lydia Cotton RE-MIND

The title of the topic this month was “Re-mind: Mindfulness for Longterm Conditions“. The group was pleased to welcomed Lydia Cotton from ‘RE-MIND’ ( Lydia provided a brief overview of  the Re-Mind organisation and provided insight into the type of training the organisation provided.

RE-MIND is a training organisation, dedicated to enhancing wellbeing through mindfulness. Their training programs help people, with a wide variety of needs, to take control of their psychological and physical wellbeing. Similarly, they help people diagnosed with stress overload, anxiety, and long term health challenges to learn how to mindfully manage their conditions. RE-MIND teach and demonstrate achievable, practical and lasting key life skills that promote mindfulness, self-awareness, stress reduction, mental and physical health, and increased self-reliance.

The following link will provide a number of audio samples for you to listen to and use as part of your own mindfulness practice.

RE-MIND logo


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